OLINK Introduces Extended CCS1 to NACS Adapter for Cybertruck EV Owners

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Our company, a leading provider of electric vehicle accessories, has recently unveiled its latest innovation tailored specifically for Cybertruck owners. Our company has released a CCS1 to NACS adapter designed to meet the unique needs of Cybertruck electric vehicles (EVs). However unlike traditional adapters, Our company solution comes with extra length on the NACS connector side, providing added convenience and functionality for Cybertruck users.

CCS1 To Tesla Adapter Exhibit

But why does the Cybertruck require this extra length on the NACS connector side?

 The answer lies in the design of the Cybertruck’s charging port placement. Due to the Cybertruck’s rugged and unconventional design, its charging port is positioned in a way that necessitates additional reach from the adapter. Thus our company recognized this need and incorporated a 2cm extension on the NACS connector side of the adapter to ensure seamless compatibility and ease of use for Cybertruck owners.

Presentation plan

In response to the release of this innovative adapter, Our company has announced plans to showcase its performance through a testing video soon to be published on YouTube. This video will provide Cybertruck owners with a firsthand look at the adapter’s capabilities and reliability, reaffirming Our company commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to meet the evolving demands of the electric vehicle market.

Stay tuned

For Cybertruck owners eagerly anticipating the release of OLINK's extended CCS1 to NACS adapter, our company encourages them to stay tuned to our company YouTube channel for the upcoming testing video. With OLINK's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, Cybertruck owners can expect a seamless charging experience that aligns perfectly with the vehicle's cutting-edge design and functionality.

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