★Fast Charging Compatibility: The Chargerman Tesla, to CCS2 Adapter allows you to charge your electric vehicle at over 5,000 nationwide CCS fast chargers. It supports charging rates of up to 250 kW ( charging speed may vary depending on battery level and charging station specifications) ensuring an convenient way to power up your electric vehicle.

Reliable and Sturdy:This DC charging adapter is designed to handle usage. With a rating of 500V and 300A it guarantees an dependable charging experience. It can operate in temperatures ranging from 22 °F to 122 °F making it suitable for weather conditions.

Portable and User Friendly: The Chargerman Tesla to CCS2 Adapter is crafted with convenience in mind. It is compact, lightweight and easily fits into your glove box. This means you can charge your electric vehicle using a Tesla charging station wherever you are. Just slide the adapter onto the Tesla charger. You're good to go.

Temperature Monitoring: Equipped with real time internal temperature monitoring the adapter ensures charging sessions. If the temperature reaches 179 °F the current will be reduced automatically. If it hits 188.6 °F the current will be cut off until the temperature returns to normal. This safeguards both your vehicle and the adapter, against overheating.

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