★The Olink Tesla, to J1772 Adapter offers compatibility allowing you to charge any vehicle (EV) with a J1772 charge port. It works seamlessly with models like Hyundai, Ford, KIA, Polestar, VinFast, Lexus, Toyota and many more. This adapter is designed to provide hassle charging options and expand the convenience of charging your EV.

★Its portable and durable design makes it perfect for, on the go charging. You can easily keep it in your car. Use it whenever you need to charge your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Whether you're visiting a friend or utilizing a Tesla charging station (excluding superchargers) this compact adapter ensures that you can charge your EV effortlessly while maintaining durability.

★Enjoy Reliable Charging Performance:The Olink Tesla, to J1772 Adapter offers dependable charging for your EV supporting speeds up to 20kW with a rated voltage of 250V AC. It is designed with a conductor material made of titanium copper alloy ensuring both durability and optimal conductivity.

★Safety First: At Olink we prioritize your safety. Our UL certified Adapter has undergone testing to meet the safety standards. Equipped with a dual temperature kill switch and a locking mechanism it guarantees connections during the charging process. Rest assured that your charging experience will be both reliable and safe.

★User Friendly Design: Using the Olink Adapter is incredibly simple. Just plug in the Tesla to J1772 Plug into the charging station first then connect it to your EV. When you're ready to remove it from your vehicle you can easily authorize its removal directly from your car or even, through your phone ensuring a charging experience.

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