★The adapter is designed with durability and reliability, in mind. It has an IP55 enclosure rating, which means it provides protection against dust and water. You can trust it to work perfectly in weather conditions as it can handle temperatures from 22°F to 122°F ( 30°C to +50°C). This ensures that it will consistently perform reliably charge, no matter where you use it.

★One great feature of the GBT To CCS2 Adapter is its lightweight design. It's easy to carry around because it only weighs 3.6kg. This makes it very convenient, for storage and effortless handling. Whether you're going on a road trip or charging at a CCS2 station during your routine this adapter offers convenience and flexibility.

★Before using the GBT To CCS2 Adapter make sure to check the product specifications and your vehicles requirements to ensure compatibility. This adapter is a must have, for GBT electric vehicle owners who want to take advantage of CCS2 charging infrastructure and enjoy an efficient charging experience.

★Investing in the GBT To CCS2 Adapter will unlock the potential of your GBT vehicle. You'll experience hassle charging, speedy replenishment and the freedom to charge confidently at CCS2 charging stations. Upgrade your charging capabilities. Embrace the future of mobility, with the GBT To CCS2 Adapter.

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