★Effortless Compatibility for Charging:
The Chargerman Type 1, to GB/T Adapter is designed to make charging your vehicle hassle free. It features a design that allows for easy connection. One side connects to the charging stations J1772 plug while the other side connects to your vehicles GB/T EV socket. This convenient adapter ensures seamless charging for GB/T Standard vehicles using American Standard charging connectors eliminating any compatibility concerns.

★Compact and Portable Convenience:
The Chargerman Type 1 to GB/T Adapter is specifically designed with portability in mind. It is lightweight and easy to carry providing you with the flexibility to charge your vehicle wherever compatible charging stations are available. Whether you are at home work or on the road this compact adapter ensures that you are always prepared for an convenient charging experience.

Safety is of importance when it comes to the Chargerman Type 1 to GB/T Adapter. The adapter is equipped with a plug that must be connected securely into your cars seat for proper functioning during charging. To ensure usage simply press the on/off button before connecting it to the power supply. The adapter adheres, to high quality standards offering peace of mind while you charge your EV.
★Upgrade your charging options. Experience the convenience of powering up your vehicle that follows the GB/T standard by utilizing charging stations compatible, with American Standard. With the Chargerman Type 1, to GB/T Adapter you can effortlessly charge your EV without any compatibility issues or inconveniences.

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