★Olink CCS1 & CCS2 DC Charging Connectors, the industrial standard interfaces for fast charging of electric vehicles (EVs) with charging stations. These connectors comply with UL 2251 and IEC-62196 standards, providing a reliable and user-friendly high-power solution for EV DC fast charging.

★Silver plating for connector terminals ensures optimal conductivity.
★User-friendly ergonomics design for easy handling.
★Built-in sensor for temperature monitoring ensures safe charging.
★The Open-End CCS1 Replacement Cable is designed to be integrated into the charging station, allowing you to charge your EVs with CCS Combo 1 ports. With a cable rating of 200 amperes/250 Amp and a charging capacity of up to 250 kW, it offers efficient and fast charging. The cable features a sleek appearance, hand-held ergonomic design, and easy plug-in functionality. Available in 20 feet/40 feet working lengths, it is made from durable thermoplastic material, providing IP65 protection against dust, water splashes, and impact. Suitable for use with both private and public DC fast-charging stations, it is designed for outdoor and indoor use. Please note that the Open-End CCS1/CCS2 Replacement Connector has only one end and should be securely attached to a Level 3 charging station by a certified electrician.

★How to use:

★Have a professional electrician correctly replace the cable.
★Follow the instructions to activate the charging station.
★Plug the CCS1 end of the cable into your electric vehicle.
★Once the cable clicks into place, you can start the charging process.
★During the charge, avoid excessive twisting or bending of the cable. The Level 3 CCS1 replacement connector is IP65-rated, offering protection against dust and water splashes from any direction.

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