★The GBT To CCS1 Adapter has been specifically designed to offer an efficient charging solution, for CCS1 vehicles at GBT charging stations. It enables high speed charging for vehicles that're compatible with CCS1 with a current of 200ADC and a voltage range between 150 1000VDC.

★This adapter is built with durability and reliability in mind boasting an IP55 enclosure rating that allows it to withstand conditions. It can operate within temperatures ranging from 22°F to 122°F ( 30°C to +50°C) making it suitable for use in climates. Additionally its compact and lightweight design weighing 3.6kg ensures handling and storage.

★Safety is paramount when it comes to the GBT To CCS1 Adapter. It provides a connection between the charging cable of a GBT charging station plug and the socket of a CCS1 vehicle giving vehicle owners peace of mind during their charging sessions. This adapter is an accessory, for CCS1 vehicle owners who value reliability and charging experiences at any GBT charging station that supports DC charging.

★Unlock fast and efficient charging, for your CCS1 vehicle, at GBT charging stations by selecting the GBT To CCS1 Adapter. Experience the convenience and assurance that comes with secure charging performance.

★Note: Please refer to the product specifications and your vehicle's compatibility to ensure the GBT To CCS1 Adapter is suitable for your charging needs.

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