★Introducing the Chargerman Adjustable 3 Pin EV Charger Cable, a versatile and efficient charging solution for your electric vehicle. With adjustable charging speeds and wide compatibility, this charger offers convenience and peace of mind wherever you go. Certified by CE, TÜV, UKCA, and meeting IEC 62196-2 standards, it ensures safety and reliability for worry-free charging.

★Flexible Charging: The Chargerman EV charger cable provides adjustable charging speeds of 6/8/10/13A, giving you more options to match your charging needs. Choose 13A for the fastest charge, 10A for trickle or overnight charging, and 6A/8A for charging from solar power or at caravan parks.

★Charge Anywhere: This 3 pin EV charger is designed to be used with a three-pin domestic plug socket or an extension lead, allowing you to charge your electric car anywhere. It's an ideal backup charger for visiting friends and family or when you're away on holiday. The included cable bag adds convenience to your journeys.

★Secure & Reliable: With certifications from CE, TÜV, and UKCA, the Chargerman EV charger cable ensures the highest safety standards. The upgraded smart chip protects your car from over/under voltage, over temperature, overcurrent, leakage, short circuit, surge, lightning, and grounding damages.

★Outdoor & Indoor Use: Built to withstand various weather conditions, this EV charger cable has an IP65 waterproof rating and operates in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C. Whether it's shower rain or heavy snow, you can confidently use it indoors or outdoors.

★Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all European electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids meeting IEC 62196-2 standards, such as Mercedes, Renault, Nissan Leaf, Evoque P300e Hybrid, Peugeot Ion, Peugeot e208, Mini, Volvo, Hyundai, KIA, Jaguar, and more.

★One-Year Warranty: Chargerman stands behind its products and offers a one-year warranty. We also provide excellent customer support and technical assistance. If you have any questions or need guidance regarding electric car charging, please contact us via Amazon.

★Say Goodbye to Overheat:
This Chargerman EV charger cable features intelligent temperature control. It automatically stops charging when the temperature exceeds 85℃ and resumes charging when the temperature returns to normal. The thick pure copper wires handle higher input power and reduce heat buildup, while the charging gun head is made from superb flame-retardant nylon, ensuring durability and safety.

★Keep Your Car from Overcharge Damage:
Equipped with an intelligent chip, this EV charging cable stops charging automatically when your vehicle is fully charged or when the current or voltage exceeds safe limits. It also provides multiple protections, including leakage protection, short-circuit protection, and ground protection, to keep your car battery healthy.

★Charge your electric vehicle confidently and efficiently with the Chargerman Adjustable 3 Pin EV Charger Cable. Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable charging speeds, wide compatibility, and advanced safety features. Choose Chargerman for a reliable and hassle-free charging experience.

★Note: Please refer to the user manual for proper installation and usage instructions.

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