Olink CCS2 to GB/T Adapter: Revolutionizing DC Fast Charging for China EVs Overseas


In the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), convenience and efficiency in charging are paramount. For China's GB/T car owners traveling to Europe, charging their vehicles posed significant challenges until the emergence of the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter. This revolutionary device has not only addressed the inconvenience of Euro charging but has also opened doors for seamless travel across continents. Let's delve into how this adapter is reshaping the EV charging experience.

GB/T Car Owners: Euro Charging Woes

Traveling with a GB/T electric vehicle to Europe previously meant grappling with charging inconveniences. Without the Olink adapter, compatibility issues arose, rendering charging in Euro regions difficult. This limitation stifled travel plans and deterred GB/T car owners from exploring beyond their domestic borders.

GB/T car owners cannot charge in Euro in convenient, due to they do not have Olink adapter.

To address this predicament, the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter steps in as a game-changer.

Seamless Euro Travel with Olink CCS2 TO GBT Adapter

With the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter in hand, GB/T car owners find Euro travel remarkably easier. This innovative device bridges the gap between GB/T electric vehicles and Euro charging infrastructure, enabling seamless charging experiences across continents.GB/T car owner can travel easy in Euro once they have Olink CCS2 TO GBT Adapter.The adapter's versatility extends to its compatibility with various charging stations, eliminating the hassle of finding specific charging points and streamlining the journey for EV owners.

One of the standout features of the Olink adapter is its robust power current capacity, ranging from 200A to 250A. This substantial capacity ensures rapid charging without compromising on safety or efficiency, making it ideal for long-distance travel where time is of the essence.

Power current capacity range from 200A to 250A.

Universal Compatibility: No Limitations

Unlike some adapters limited to charging only specific car models, the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter offers universal compatibility. Its design caters to a wide range of electric vehicles, providing flexibility and convenience to EV owners irrespective of their vehicle make or model.

Can charge different cars, no limit to only three cars.

Efficient Charging at CCS2 Stations

Designed to interface seamlessly with CCS2 charging stations, the Olink adapter ensures a smooth and efficient charging process for GB/T electric vehicles. Its intuitive functionality simplifies the charging experience, allowing EV owners to replenish their vehicles’ batteries with ease and confidence.

Designed to provide a seamless and efficient charging solution for GB/T electric vehicles at CCS2 charging stations.

Overheating Prevention: Temperature Sensor Integration

To address concerns related to overheating during charging, the Olink adapter incorporates a temperature sensor. This innovative feature actively monitors charging temperatures, intervening when necessary to prevent overheating and safeguarding both the adapter and the vehicle.

With temperature sensor to kill overheating charging.

Solving Euro Charging Woes for VW Owners

Volkswagen (VW) owners facing charging challenges in Euro regions find respite in the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter. This device serves as a reliable solution, enabling VW owners to navigate Euro charging infrastructure effortlessly and ensuring a seamless travel experience. Olink help VW owners to solve charging problems in Euro.


The Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter emerges as a beacon of convenience and efficiency for Chinese EV owners traveling overseas. By addressing the challenges of Euro charging and offering seamless solutions at CCS2 stations, this innovative device revolutionizes the EV charging landscape. With its robust features, universal compatibility, and commitment to safety, the Olink adapter empowers EV owners to embark on journeys with confidence, ensuring that convenience knows no borders.Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter bring most convenient DC fast charging for China brands EVs owners oversea.


  • Yes, the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter is designed to charge a wide range of electric vehicles, offering universal compatibility beyond Volkswagen models.
  • Absolutely. With its robust power capacity and efficient charging capabilities, the Olink adapter is well-suited for long-distance travel, ensuring rapid charging whenever needed.
  • No, the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter is designed for plug-and-play functionality, requiring no specialized installation procedures. Simply connect it to your vehicle and start charging.
  • The temperature sensor continuously monitors charging temperatures, automatically adjusting charging parameters to prevent overheating and ensure safe charging operations.
  • While primarily designed for CCS2 compatibility, the Olink adapter may offer compatibility with other charging standards, depending on specific configurations and requirements.
  • Yes, the Olink CCS2 to GB/T adapter is universally compatible with GB/T electric vehicles, providing a convenient charging solution for a wide range of models.

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